Cohort Outtake: 1964 Rambler Classic 770 Hardtop Coupe – Classic Good Looks


The handsome hardtop coupe was new to the Classic and Ambassador lines in 1964. The all-new 1963’s were oddly missing that body style, one which had become a mainstay in America. Why?


Because it was destined to share much of its its roof and glass with the new 1964 American, as a cost saving measure. For that matter, the two shared quite a bit of their body structure, except for their length and width. Both were designed by Dick Teague, who had taken over the top design job at AMC in 1961 or so. These ’64s were a great first step of his to keep Rambler relevant, stylistically.


AGuyinVancouver shot and posted these at the Cohort. It’s essentially the same as the one I shot some years back and wrote up here (in more depth). I still see it at the same business parking lot, as it’s someone daily driver, apparently. Or they just keep it there. But this one sports a much zippier red paint job.


And it’s straight off the front cover of the 1964 Rambler brochure. Did someone say “I want one just like this one on the brochure”?


CC 1964 Rambler Classic 770 – A True Classic   PN

CC IKA Torino TS – The Legendary Rambler European South American  PN