Cohort Outtake: 1965 Mercury M-100 Pickup – I Should Rebadge My F-100 Into a Mercury

CC reader Peter N. sent me these shots of a Canadian Mercury pickup, which would be a ’65 if its grille is consistent with the US Ford version. I need to convert my ’66 into one of these, to really confuse folks down here.


David Saunders did a full post on the history of Mercury pickups here, but to make a long story short, in Canada Mercury and Ford dealers both sold a wide range of cars, since there was often a low density of dealers. Hence the Mercury truck.

Like the ’61 Bel Air we saw here the other day, this does not look like an original paint scheme, although there was a tan like that. But I’ve never seen one with a burgundy roof cap.

Just one problem: that panel that supports the MERCURY letters is of course different than the one on my truck. So that would need changing too.