Cohort Outtake: 1965 Oldmobile 94.3 Holiday Sport Sedan – Just Missing A Few Key Parts

Wonderful shot, splendid colors, terrific car. Too bad about a few key missing parts, though. Is this 1965 Olds 98 Holiday Sports Sedan shot and posted at the Cohort by Colin being parted out, or awaiting parts? I’d hate to have to make the guess.

Let’s take in its better side. These big and brawny Olds sedans, especially the 98, was such a symbol of America’s affluent middle class at the time. One didn’t need to be a banker, doctor or attorney to drive one of these. Several of these could be seen in the jammed parking lot Sunday mornings at Immaculate Conception in Towson. One of them belonged to a classmate, whose dad worked for the county, and I was perpetually jealous. Why couldn’t my dad buy one, who was an actual doctor?

I’m not talking about the very luxurious 98 Luxury Sedan that tried to be a DeVille. Just a basic Holiday Sports Sedan, regardless of its dorky name. “Holiday?” Ok, I could sort of get that. But “Sport”? For a big, wallowing barge like this? The only sports this Olds ever partook in was some hanky-panky on its big wide seats.

And just what was the price of entry to 98-land? $4,273, or $33,044, adjusted to 2015 dollars. That included the big 425 Super Rocket V8 with 360 hp, backed by the superb new THM 400 transmission. Standard; no three-on-the-trees on 98s. And standard power steering and brakes. And even a standard electric clock and courtesy lights! But anything more was…more.

No, those slanted turn signals are not how they looked when Bill Mitchell signed off on them.  This bruiser has taken a few licks, but I bet the Super Rocket will still fire up. And make that distinctive Olds exhaust chat when given the spurs.

That script is so 1965. Kinda’ dorky, actually.

For some reason, that script reminded me of McDonalds; maybe the “N” in Ninety eight looks like the twin arches, with part of one cut off. Or I thought maybe McDonalds used that script too. Not quite, but close. And of course the family is riding in a big, long four-door hardtop, like this 98.

Undoubtedly this 98 spent a bit of time in McDonald’s parking lots in its day. Will it ever again?