Cohort Outtake: 1967-1968-1969 Hybrid Dodge Dart “GTS” – What Year Is It Really? And Is It really A GTS?

This started out as an innocuous post about this white Dart GTS I spotted at the Cohort and posted by GPoon. Dart GTS convertibles aren’t exactly everyday occurances. But then I tried to figure out what year it was, and I quickly got stumped. 

The front end is from 1969.

But it’s not a GTS (or GT) grille, which both had much of it blacked out (’69 above). The front fender marker reflectors say “1969” too.

But the round rear marker lights say “1968.

But the back end, the tail lights and brushed aluminum trim all say “1967”. The lack of side trim and the rocker panel trim also say “1967”.  But the ’67 also had bright trim on the top of its belt line.

So what we have here is a hybrid. And there’s not much to suggest that it’s an actual GTS, which also had additional GTS badges on its front fenders and trunk lid, stripes on its rear fenders, never mind the two big exhaust pipes from its 340 or 383 V8 (1968 above). This one doesn’t even pretend to have duals.

So as far as we can tell, this may well be…your guess as as good as mine. But it’s not a genuine GTS in any case.