Cohort Outtake: 1967 Chevy II 100 Two Door Sedan – The Anti-Corvair

Cohort RalfK (Don Kincl) has posted some finds from a recent walk in his neighborhood in Puyallup, WA. One that caught my eye was this ’67 Chevy II 100 two door sedan. Why? Well, having had Corvairs on the brain recently, it truly is the anti-Corvair, with its tall stance and boxy body. And of course, original cars like this are getting quite uncommon, especially these, as so many Chevy IIs gave up their bodies to a hotter calling.

I always love the brochure shots for the cheapest stripper cars; they’re inevitably in settings totally unfaithful to their actual owners and use. Here’s a fine gentleman in his suit picking up two stylish women with their shopping at an upscale mall in his four-cylinder 100. Right. Should be a cheap old codger picking up his dowdy wife at the Salvation Army thrift store.

Yes, the Chevy II 100 four cylinder was “Chevrolet’s easiest to own”, exactly $38 cheaper than the Corvair 500 coupe.

But then the Corvair 500 had a bigger, more powerful and much smoother 6 cylinder engine, and of course a very handsome hardtop coupe body. Never mind four wheel independent suspension and the best handling of any American car. What a steal for an additional 38 bucks.