Cohort Outtake: 1969 AMC Ambassador SST – Blue Nose


CC reader posted this Ambassador sedan at the Cohort, and its long, blue nose just couldn’t be ignored. We’ve covered these before (links below), but there’s more than enough Amby nose-love hereabouts to go around one more time. 


The Ambassador was given a push upmarket in 1969, with a lengthened wheelbase (122″), which did nothing for the interior dimensions, but pushed the nose out further, as was the common practice in the 30’s and 40s. Only 75,000 people were fooled, and bought one.

The rear end was given a somewhat vaguely ’63-’65 Riviera look, with the original tail light locations blanked out and the lights moved in between them.


Dick Teague had his stylists design a splendid little sculpture to crown those tail light caps. Very elegant, all in all.


Of course AMC’s rhinoplasty division was just getting warmed up for the grand finale that came a couple of years later, but at the time, I thought this move to give some gravitas to the poor old Ambassador by adding a lot of dead air space in front of the engine was pretty absurd. But who was asking me?


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