Cohort Outtake: 1969 AMC Rebel SST – Rebel With Rather Little Cause

William Rubano found something a bit out of the ordinary here: a ’69 Rebel SST. This is the last year for this body style that first arrived in 1967, and was generally considered to be one if AMC’s best efforts.


Here’s a ’67 for a better look at it in profile. Except for the C-Pillar, it rather reminds me of the ’68-70 Mopar B-Body coupes, in terms of proportions and massing. Of course its inspiration was presumably GM’s A-Body coupes from 1966, although the time line would have made that a bit compressed. But that general look was in the air since GM’s B-Body coupes from 1965.

The SST trim was of course the top level. But it didn’t denote genuine performance.


The standard engine was the 232 six. Somewhat curiously, the top engine available on the Rebel was the 280 hp 343 V8, as the 390 was apparently only available on the AMX, Javelin SST, and Ambassador SST. AMC was obviously not rying to compete with the other many mid-sized muscle cars, at least not yet.


While it looked pretty fresh in 1967, the styling world for coupes was changing so fast in this period, and by 1969, it was already looking a bit outdated.

A new semi-fastback roof in 1970 sort of helped, but the renamed Matador increasingly looked dated. Here’s CC Contributor DougD’s Rebel Matador coupe, which he wrote up here.

But AMC was determined not to get left in the dust, and jumped the shark with its 1974 Matador coupe. But that’s old history, well trodden on these pages.