Cohort Outtake: 1970 Plymouth Fury Eight Passenger Sedan – Used In Israel, And Possibly The Only One In The World (Updated)

Plymouth 1970 Coronado limo Israel

(Update: CC Contributor Johannes Dutch has confirmed that this is not an actual Coronado, as they were built by Chrysler’s Rotterdam only through 1962. So this extended sedan was apparently built by another unidentified coach builder).

CC Cohort T.Minor has posted a couple of shots by Yaniv Ouzana of a very unusual and highly rare automobile, quite possibly the only one left in the world: A 1970 extended-wheelbase 8 passenger sedan (obviously based on a 1970 Plymouth) that he identified as a Coronado, built in Chrysler’s Rotterdam plant and used in Israel as a taxi cab. And if that’s not exotic enough, according to T.Minor, this would be powered by a Perkins diesel engine. The only thing missing is a Mod Top.

coronado 1960 allpar

The Coronado 8 passenger sedan was first built in Rotterdam in 1958. has the only article on the web about them. They were built on a 142″ wheelbase, reinforced frame, and other heavy duty components, and powered by either the 230 inch flathead six or the 318 poly V8. They actually weren’t badged “Coronado” the first few years, and apparently were available in either Plymouth, Dodge or DeSoto versions.

Coronado 1962

By 1962, this Plymouth-based unibody version was being just called “Coronado”. Wheelbase was down to 140″, and now powered by either the slant six or the 318. And the Perkins diesel engine was also available. Exactly which version was used is not stated. Again, has an article on the use of Perkins diesels on their European cars (and a few US taxis and pickups too). But it lacks specifics on exactly which model Perkins was used, especially on the later versions.

Plymouth 1970 Coronado limo Israel rq

Allpar’s article on the Rotterdam plant says it ended production in 1969, so that would mean this 1970 Coronado would be the end of the line. And I’ve not been able to find any images on the web of an Coronados past the ’62 shown above. Were these made continuously until the 1970 model? Just exactly what engine did it have under its hood? Did it have just 80 hp, as T.Minor suggests? More questions than answers with this very unusual car.