Cohort Outtake: 1973 Gran Torino Sport SportsRoof – The Twilight of the Hardtop Coupe

(first posted 4/18/2017)     Constantine Hannaher posted a few shots of this ’73 Torino SportsRoof, and as much as it has the ability to attract the attention of the eyeballs, I couldn’t help noticing the other coupes photobombing it. But let’s give the Torino its due consideration first. Finding what appears to be a quite original one like this one, right down to the wheels and original-sized tires, is quite a coup. Needless to say, its huge hips make those wheels and tires—which were beefy in their time— look mighty small, but that’s just the way things were.

The Mercedes W140 S-Class Coupe makes a nice counterpoint to it, especially since Mercedes became the torch-bearer for the two door hardtop after American manufacturers abandoned it. In fact, this Torino was near the end of the line for American hardtops, and Mercedes still makes them. Passing the baton, one could say.


And in this shot, the Torino shares a bit of its digital space with a Lexus RC coupe, one whose roof line might be considered to be something of an homage to the SportsRoof. And a closer look shows that the Torino is not sporting its original exhaust.


Sadly, there’s no coupe up there behind the Torino. But the Chrysler 300 is a relevant companion, as one could say it represents the kind of car a buyer of the Torino might have gone for: an unabashed all-American car. Now if only there was still an American hardtop.