Cohort Outtake: 1973 Mercury Comet Four Door – With MGB And F150

Mercury Comet II 4 door side

One of our more prolific Cohort car spotters is nifticus, who hails from British Columbia. He lives in an area that is Eugene-worthy in the number of old cars on the streets, and this shot is a nice triple. The four door Comet is bestowed with the Custom Exterior option, which included the very chic body-color matching wheel covers and the padded vinyl side rub strip, as well as the vinyl top, natch. Yes, this is the kind of car I drooled over in 1973…

Mercury Comet II 4 door fq

Not. More like some other bodily fluid…

I had a hard enough time with just the basic Maverick, but the more it got dressed up, including Mercury duds, the harder it was for me to relate to it. Well, these were old lady-mobiles from day one. But it’s an amusing time capsule now.

Mercury Comet 1973 br

Here’s the exact same car in a brochure, but there’s not a lot of reality in it (is there ever?). Right; this attractive young bike riding couple just bought this Comet to take them into the great outdoors. Comets were scared of nature; they preferred church on Sundays and the Safeway on Wednesdays.

Mercury Comet II 4 door rq

Betcha’ this one is so well preserved because that’s how it spent most of its life, and in a garage too.