Cohort Outtake: 1977-78 Plymouth Colt – Pristine Pony

nifty43 dodge colt 2

The Curbside Classic Cohort has an absolute wealth of amazing finds and it’s very, very easy to spend a very, very long time looking through it. But of all the treasures therein, this innocuous econobox stands out as one of the most remarkable finds (thanks, Nifty43). When did you last see a 1970s Japanese economy car in this condition?

The ’77-78 Colt was yet another example of the Colt nameplate being tossed around haphazardly. First, it was used on Mitsubishi’s larger Galant. Then, for these two years it was used on the Lancer, before switching to the Mirage… but also reappearing concurrently on the Galant wagon, and then later on the Chariot/Nimbus and then the Lancer again! Never mind the fact that it was used simultaneously by two Chrysler divisions, and was even used in lieu of the Mitsubishi nameplate for some time in some European markets. So, for a while, you could buy a Colt Lancer in Europe and in North America buy a Lancer called a Colt but not called a Colt Lancer.

nifty43 dodge colt 1

The British Columbia plates indicate this Colt dwells in a climate more conducive to classic car ownership, but even in rust-free Queensland I have never seen a 1970s Japanese car in this condition. Has it been resprayed? After all, it’s not in the usual sage/gold/orange/brown of the earth tone-crazy decade. The paint is lustrous but the car just looks so stock, down to the wheelcovers. Usually, the resprayed old Japanese cars I see have had other modifications done to them. That, and they are usually cars with some enthusiast appeal, like Datsun 1200 utes. But a mild-mannered Plymouth Colt in concours condition? A delightful surprise, absolutely, but just what is the story here?

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