Skinner Butte Outtakes: Air Heads and Pot Heads

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It was another splendid summer late afternoon walk to Skinner Butte; this has been the nicest summer in recent memory: cool, fresh and brilliant clear air. So what would greet Lil’ Man and and me as we arrived at the top? The smell of pot wafting from numerous cars, which were a diverse melange. Here’s a Monte Carlo, next to a Prius, next to a Jeep next to a VW T2 bus. Recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, but technically it’s not legal to smoke in public, hence the popularity of this spot for the purpose. But there was more than pot heads here today.

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This fine BMW R90/6 is one of the most desirable airhead Beemers ever.

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Of course lovers of this breed will debate endlessly as to which one was the best. The 900 (and 1000) was never quite as smooth as the 750 and the even smoother and smaller 600 and 500 (less reciprocating mass). But it sure brought a new measure of power to the family, given its 60 hp and only a bit over 450 lb weight. Of course 60 hp seems like a joke nowadays, but it was a big deal in 1973 for a BMW, as was the five speed transmission and disc brake.

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That’s only some 7 hp less than the 2.0 L airhead boxer four in this late T2 VW van. Too bad I didn’t hear it laboring up the steep road to the summit. Not that it wouldn’t have made it; VW buses have been climbing very steep roads in the Alps since the beginning, with all of 25 hp. It’s all in the low gearing (and low expectations).

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I didn’t get a shot of it, but the VW logo has been replaced by a Grateful dead logo. Naturally.

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Here’s a crop.

So not the most stellar finds ever on Skinner Butte, but it seems like there’s always something worth shooting here, never mind the views.

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Grampa; why do all these folks come up here anyway? Couldn’t they just smoke their pot at home? And I don’t see any view.