Cohort Outtake: 1984-1987 Mercury Lynx Diesel – A Clattering Unicorn

cjcz92 has found a unicorn, and posted it at the Cohort. It’s a 1984-1987 Mercury Lynx, a rebadged Escort, of course, and with the rare diesel option. When was the last time you saw or heard one?

Here’s the proof.

And here’s the section from the 1984 brochure on it. It’s a Mazda engine, 2.0L and rated at 52 hp. “this new engine should offer impressive performance”.  Undoubtedly.  By the time it came out in 1984, fuel prices had moderated, so this is something of a Johnny-come-lately.

It came with a five speed stick. No three-speed automatic, thank you!

Not a whole lot of thought went into the graphic design relationship of these two badges. But then that kind of applies to these cars in general.

Without license plates in what looks ot be some sort of storage lot, I’m not sure this car has much of a future, but it does now on the pages of CC, where it’s now been immortalized. So well deserved too.