Cohort Outtake: 1995 Daewoo Super Salon 2.0 – The Well Disguised Opel

Rivera Notario shot this in Santiago, Chile, and posted this at the Cohort. Probably many of you wouldn’t likely recognize it if you saw one in traffic; I did a double take when I first saw it at the Cohort. It’s a Daewoo from before its time in the US, a 1995 Super Salon, also known as the Daewoo prince, and which is essentially re-skinned Opel Rekord E.

If you don’t recognize this as an Opel under the skin, you’ll certainly recognize its predecessor, the Royale.

The first version was actually initially called GMK Rekord/Royale, with that acronym standing for GM Korea. After 1973, it was changed to Saehan. It is obviously a Rekord D; well actually the Royale version was a Commodore, with its longer front end and Opel six cylinder engines. It was built from 1972-1978.

The second generation was of course based on the next generation Rekord E. As before, there was a four cylinder Rekord, and the six cylinder Royal. Until Nov. 1984, its body panels were stamped at Holden, and the assembled in Korea. After that date, Daewoo started pressing its own panels for body manufacture. There were a confusing number of variants which I won’t try to unravel here.

The key take-away is that Daewoo grew to the point of being able to design and press its own unique panels for the Prince/Super salon. Whether they’re an improvement over the Opel is questionable.