Cohort Outtake: 404s In Primary Colors – from France and Portland

We’ve had lots of 404 love here over the years, but it’s been a while. But this terrific shot of one with a matching yellow billboard was irresistible. It was was shot in Clamart, Ile-de-France, by Benoit.

And son ted just sent me some shots of one he spotted in Portland, in a different primary color.

This blue one in Portland is clearly owned by a Peugeotphile, as there’s a 505 in front of it. But as best as I can tell from this angle, the 505 is missing its front wheel, so the 404 is the daily driver. This one is sporting that lovely Automatique badge on its rear.


Yes, this is what I used to have as my daily driver. My ode to it is here. And I owned several others that I save from an untimely death and either sold or leased (yes) to workmates at the tv station in LA. And of course I found a nice bug automatique wagon for Stephanie. 404 love ran high for a few years.


It could still, if one happened to show up in my driveway.