Cohort Outtake: A Study In Contrasts

Tim Finn posted some shots from a recent Cars and Coffee event in Portland, and this is what caught my eye. It takes the typical low sedan – high 4×4 pickup theme to another level. Now that’s a serious brodozer. And I think this is a first appearance of a Honda S2000 here at CC; long overdue. We could really use a COAL on one. Anybody?

We’ve never done a really comprehensive post on the Unimog, which would take some doing as it’s really a whole family of trucks. Johannes Dutch did showcase a similar single cab Unimog here last fall. This member is from the gnarly branch of the family, and was probably used in some commercial application where there are no roads at all. It looks about as unstoppable as it gets, for a non-tracked vehicle. It wouldn’t have any trouble driving right over that S2000 either.