Cohort Outtake: AMC Concord Wagon – How Not To Do Wood

AMC Concord woody fq

When I spotted this Concord wagon posted at the Cohort by nifticus, I assumed it was an aftermarket or home-brew woody job. It just doesn’t work well, being so low, and so poorly integrated with the design, especially that front section. The clean Hornet-Concord just doesn’t lend itself well to this. But when I Googled “Concord Woody wagon”, I realized that this was a factory job. 

AMC Concord woody brochure

Here it is, straight from Dick Teague’s studios.

AMC Eagle woody wagon

The AWD Eagle wagon also got the woody treatment, but this one works much better, for what it’s worth.

AMC Concord woody rq

I guess they just had to be different, for difference’s sake. The Concord got the short end of this wood stick.