Cohort Outtake: Buick Skylark (X Body) Found in Austria

Here’s a car I don’t readily associate with Austria. But T-Minor found it in Korneuburg, and it seems to be in the hands of a loving owner there. Maybe Austrians have some innate affinity to these? I ended up with one, as a company car, and it actually treated me pretty well, despite being a first-year 1980 model. I’ve always been convinced that the Skylarks were built better than the Citation, which was probably under more cost-cutting pressure.

Of course they all were prone to some of the same Fragile-X Syndrome issues, but the fleet of four identical 1980 Skylarks at the tv station acquitted themselves pretty well, considering. They were ordered with every HD part possible, and the wider wheels and fatter tires might have mitigated the rear-wheel brake lock-up issue that was otherwise so common. Maybe I managed to avoid a panic stop. But it scooted right along, with its 2.8L V6, given the times.

There have always been fans of American cars in places like Austria, so I can see someone buying gone of these, despite it not having the usual big-American car attributes. And it managed to survive all these years. Maybe there were  a few old-folk Buick buyers in Austria at the time too, just like in the US, and it ended up in a garage for decades.