Cohort Outtake: But Shouldn’t the License Plate Frame Be “Cimarron by Cadillac”?

Foden Alpha left this comment with these pictures of his 1986 Cimarron:

Finally decided to put on my custom made license plate frame for my Cimarron that I ordered last year. I think now curious on-lookers will be slightly less confused as what my car is.

Yes, but shouldn’t it have said “Cimarron by Cadillac”?

That’s how it was identified in its early days.

But by this 1986 brochure, it was “Definitely Cadillac”. Despite the Cimarron’s modest start and iffy image, Cadillac realized that they had eliminate any doubt. Well, and by 1986, Cadillac’s image had tumbled so much, it didn’t really matter anyway.

Foden Alpha posted a couple more shots after a snow fall.


Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the exact nomenclature of the Cimarron. It’s name has become iconic, regardless of whether it comes before or after Cadillac. And of course, not in a good way, but as the poster boy of how GM utterly destroyed Cadillac in the 1980s.

Here’s my Deadly Sin on the subject of hubris; mine and Cadillac’s.