Cohort Outtake: Chevy “Montana” Van and BMW R75/6 – Pulling On Heart Strings

Chevy Van and BMW

CC Regular Teddy lives in Portland-CC-Landia, and is a prolific poster to the Cohort. It’s hard to pick what to share with you here, as he’s posted so many splendid finds in there. But I have to share this one, as it has a couple of iconic vehicles, one of which never fails to get to me.

The Chevy (Un)SportVan has been given some “Montana” badges, which is a bit odd. This is a gen 1 version, from 1964-1966. No, it’s not the one that gets me where it counts.

There’s my heartthrob, in front of it, the classic BMW airhead R/6, in this case the 750 version. Why have I never written one up? Because there’s way too much emotion, longing and regret involved. I so desperately wanted one of these in my early 20s, when they were new, and I was riding a a tiny ring-ding Bridgestone 90 and later a Yamaha 305.

There was a bunch of older guys in Iowa City that all had Beemers, and they would pack up and ride down to Yucatan in Mexico in the late fall, which was dirt cheap back then, and camp out on the beach for a month or more. Ah; how my heart ached when I saw them all ride off…with their Vetter fairings and bags (and girls) piled on the back. I just couldn’t stay in any one job long enough to save up that kind of serious dough.

I’ve wanted one ever since, and have come close to pulling the trigger a few times. But I realize that it’s just not going to happen for a number of good reasons, and I’m over it; mostly. But whenever I see an R/5 or /6, the greatest motorcycle ever built, I still get a bit of an echo of that deep old longing. It’ll probably never go away, until I do.