Cohort Outtake: Dacia 1307 Double-cab Pickup (with RWD) – The Most Unusual Find at CC Yet?

Perusing the Cohort never fails to amaze, especially the more obscure vehicles that we never see here. This one, posted by Eric Clem and shot in Colombia, just might take the cake in that department, and it took a bit of doing to figure out just what it is. I instantly recognized the Renault 12 body in the front, but there’s clearly a driven solid axle under that cargo bed. What the?!? The R12 and all its derivatives were strictly FWD, or so I assumed.

A bit of sleuthing led me to the Romanian Dacia 1307 double cab pickup, which apparently came in RWD as well as 4×4 versions. I can’t help but wonder how that all got worked out under the hood. And its still got the three-lug wheels of the R12.

Here’s the view from the front. What’s interesting is that Colombia once assembled its own R12s between 1973 and 1981, from CKD kits that came from Argentina and France. But the Dacia pickup was supposedly only built in Romania, so this was presumably imported from there.

The Dacia Pickup had a very long life (not unlike the Dacia 1300 it was based on), being built from 1975 right up to 2006. Engines were 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 L gasoline fours, and a 1.9 L diesel. It was apparently also sold in the UK, where it was called the Shifter.

If you ever run into one of these in your travels, now you’ll know what it is.