Cohort Outtake: Dodge 3700 GT – The Four-Speed Slant-Six Luxo-Sport Dart We Never Got Here

kurzos has posted a couple of shots of a Dodge 3700 GT. If it looks a bit different than an American Dart sedan, that’s because it got treated to not only a hip-implant, but a sumptuous interior with leather, full instrumentation and a four-speed floor-shifted manual. And yes, the “3700” refers to the 225 Slant Six’ displacement in cubic centimeters. Oh, and disc brakes and suspension upgrades were part of the package too. In Spain in the 1970s, when there were severe import tariffs, this was a very expensive high-end luxury car.

These cars were made by Barreiros, a maker of large trucks. We covered them in more detail here. It’s a bit surprising that Barreiros could afford a restyle of its hind quarters.

There was also a handsome station wagon, something that was never offered in the US on this generation of the A bodies. Pretty nice, except for the necessity of reusing the sedan’s rear doors, which is always a bit of a compromise.