Cohort Outtake: Fiat Elba Weekend – Your Weekend Automotive Obscurity


Time to expand your automotive knowledge a bit, as you already know everything there is to know about a Panther or B-Body. CC Cohort poster Alberto Simon has been sharing many of his obscure South American finds, but this one is way up there on the obscurity level. Yes, it’s a Fiat Elba Weekend. And just what is that?


The Elba is the wagon version of the Fiat Duna (but you knew that), which is related to the Fiat Uno. It was built in Argentina and Brazil, where it was called the Premio. The Duna was the best selling car in Argentina from 1990-1996. And the wagon version was called Elba Weekend, or Duna Weekend. Apparently some of these wagons found their way back to Ital, and replaced the Fiat Duna Weekend in the Italian market and was sold there from 1991-1997. There will be a quiz tomorrow.