Cohort Outtake: Ford Model T – Don’t Forget To Leave Enough Room In The Front To Crank It

Ford Model T cohort

I’m not sure of the exact year of this Model T posted by William Rubano, but its close to a hundred years old, give or take a few. And it’s always a kick seeing one out in traffic. There was a young guy in Iowa City that picked up a well-preserved T touring car from a farmer for peanuts in 1971, and on warm summer nights he’d cruise by the Pentacrest and give us rides, if there weren’t already a few pretty girls in it first. It’s a memorable experience, tooling down an Iowa gravel country road in an open T, as close as it get to turning back the clock. Except then it was only some 50 years, not a hundred. 

My CC on a Model T Coupe