Cohort Outtake: I’m Sure the Apartment Manager Loves This Tenant

When I ran into this shot posted at the Cohort by Staxman, it reminded me of the time I had a number of Peugeot 404s and one 403 while living in an apartment in Santa Monica. I only had one assigned parking space, and my 403, which was a total mess, hibernated there. But I had several more on the street and in a church lot next door, that I could use until Sundays. And then there was the weekly street cleaning day, when all cars had to be moved off one side of the street. Since my 404s weren’t all running, I expended a fair amount of energy pushing them around. The joys of being young!

Obviously, I don’t know the situation behind this shot of of these three 1965 Mercuries. And resident apartment managers are largely extinct. But it does make one wonder.