Cohort Outtake: International KB-6 – Split-Level Home On Wheels

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar side

Real estate prices (at least out here on the West Coast) are going through the roof, so there’s always folks looking for creative solutions. Here’s a nice little split-level shingled bungalow, with a very handsome front porch; perfect for that starter home. Just don’t stay in any one location too long, unless someone has invited you to do so.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar fq

I’ve always found these Internationals to be one of the most handsome trucks of the era. robadr shot it, and guesses it’s a 1949 model. There’s no good way to tell, as IH just built their trucks by series, which spanned several years. The KB was built from 1947-1949.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar hood

The KB was the successor to the K (1941-1946), which in turn was the successor to the D Series (1937-1940), which is when these newly designed trucks first appeared. Ken Kesey’s famous converted school bus, Further (or Furthur) is the same type.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar badge

The KB was available in a huge range, from a pickup to some of the largest heavy duty trucks then available. International’s various six cylinder inline gasoline engine powered the overwhelming majority.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar logo

A handsome logo too. This was truly the golden age of International.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar rr

The back of the house is a bit plain.

IH 1949 KB-6 housecar ff

Unlike the front. Well, it’s a bit of a muddle in terms of architectural purity. But I’d love to have that for my front porch.