Cohort Outtake: “Junked Packard Request Prototype?”

Stephen Pellegrino posted this shot from 1989 at the Cohort, with this caption: “Junked Packard Request Prototype?”

The answer is:


The actual Request has some significant differences from what appears to likely be someone’s home-brew attempt to create a Request-like car. Recreating the massive bumpers would have taxed anyone, so it appears that the black car is reusing bumper ends from another car, although its donor escapes me at the moment.

The Request was made at the request of Packard designer Dick Teague, who convinced president James Nance to build a special version of the newly-restyled 1955 models that paid tribute to the classic Packards of yore. After the 1955 car show circuit, the Request went back to the factory, but in 1956, when that closed, it went…somewhere. Some 20 years later, it was found sitting in a field in Washington State. In 1983, it made the rounds of the car show circuit again, fully restored.