Cohort Outtake: “Mid 70s Coupe” – That’s A Bit Of An Understatement for a Ford Superbird

CC Cohort highplains68 described this shot as “mid 70s coupe”. Well, true enough, but it’s a bit more out of the ordinary than that. It’s an Australian Ford Falcon or Fairmont XB ‘Superbird’. Yes, same name as the legendary Plymouth Superbird, but from that alter-reality world down under. And it looks like a cross between a 1970-1971 Torino and a Javelin.

Unlike the American Superbird, this one was more of a marketing exercise, to sell a specifically-optioned XA (March ’72 – Sept. ’73)  coupe.  It came with the 240 hp 302 V8, sports suspension, radial tires, four-on-the-floor, rear window louvers (which our featured car lacks), and a few other goodies. Not all that “Super”, except maybe a super good deal.

Of course there’s always the question as to whether this one is authentic or a tribute. I’ll leave that to you Australians.