Cohort Outtake: Mild Custom ’67 Chevelle Six Sedan – Me Likey

I didn’t have to go far back in the Cohort to find a car that spoke to me. And it spoke rather loudly, at that, even with its apparently stock exhaust. Obviously, I have a thing for imperfect/beater old cars still on the road. And I’ve got a big thing for sixes. And I like very mild customs like this, because it shows someone actually cares enough about it to make a few changes, like the missing rear door handles, but it’s also done on a budget. And I really like those wheels, and the fact that the tires are rather narrow and tall, both front and rear. It’s a four door sedan. And most of all, it’s not another Resale Red SS396 coupe clone or tribute.

So in case you’re wondering, I like this Chevelle. And there’s another reason too.

It reminds me of this similar Chevelle I spotted and wrote up in a CC in the early days. That one has a V8 and is a bit more original. Which I can appreciate too. But given the choice, I’ll take the black one, because it’s got more character. I like that in a car, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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