Cohort Outtake: Mini Rolls Has Lost Its Grille

After Mike Butts’ look at cars without grilles, this shot posted at the Cohort by William Rubano seems to scream out for a closer look at its poor face. What is going on here? If you’re fairly new on the planet, it may not be obvious, but for those of us who lived (endured) the 70s, you will know.

I’m amazed at how few images come up with a Google search for “VW Mini Rolls”. These, along with all manner of other hood/grille kits (1940 Ford was particularly popular), were everywhere to be seen, especially in LA at the time. It was a bit hard to know if they were done ironically or not; probably some of both. But something about a VW with a RR grille in the middle of Beverly Hills was just perfect.

A closer look reveals this to be a Mini Rolls 973 Super Beetle hood. Good luck finding a new grille. Hey; VWs weren’t meant to have grilles, so it’s real m uch better this way. And look at all that luggage space.