Cohort Outtake: Olds Omega – The Europeans Have a Thing For X-Bodies

Just the other day I showed you an X-Body Skylark in Austria. Now here’s one from the south of France, shot and posted at the Cohort by Benoît. And it’s in immaculate condition. Good luck finding one over here. So this marks the Omega coupe’s first appearance here.

Unfortunately, it appears not to be an Omega Brougham coupe, with its distinctive padded vinyl half roof. Now thta would really be a find.

But the ultimate find would be an Omega SX. I suppose I probably saw one in LA back in the day, but these were super rare from the get-go. It just didn’t click.

We’ll just have to console ourselves with a plain old Omega coupe. And appreciate the fact that there are folks in Europe who are preserving our cultural treasures.