Cohort Outtake: Packard Series 126 “Single Six” Found Sitting in a Parking Lot

This shot posted at the Cohort by Stephen Pellegrino is a bit different. He found this fine old classic Packard sitting in a parking lot next to a Walmart in Boonton, NJ. He did not identify it. The brand is obvious, and I took a stab at pinning it down to 1923 or so. The Series 126 (for its wheelbase) actually came out in mid 1922, to replace the slow-selling series 116, which was a bit too small for Packard’s clientele at the time. It was built through 1924. Yes, these are six cylinder cars, priced well below Packard’s glorious “Double Six” v12s.

There was also a 133″ version of the Single Six. Both were powered by a 61hp 268.4 cubic inch side-valve six. It was priced at $2,485 ($36,380 adjusted).

So the only question is why it’s sitting here. Are prewar cars’ value sagging, except for the really top-tier versions?


Note to Stephen Pellegrino: Are you getting my emails? I’ve sent you several about your submission, but no response.