Cohort Outtake: Rambler American 400 Convertible – “America’s Largest-Selling Compact Convertible”


(first posted 9/12/2016)     In my (perfect) memory, 1961 – 1963 Rambler American convertibles were seriously rare back in 1961 – 1963. And they never got more common going forward, as I’m not aware of any body shops making big bucks converting American sedans into convertibles. So when I saw this shot at the Cohort posted by canadiancatgreen, I had to bite. Unfortunately, there’s only one shot, but if its any consolation, it does capture the American’s rather bizarre delectable square butt as well as any could. We all know what the front looks like, right?

Now about that sales claim…


There it is, in the 1962 American brochure: “America’s largest-selling compact convertible”. That would of course refer to the 1961s, as the brochure was written during the 1961 model year. And how many other compact convertibles were there duking it out for the title in 1961?


Exactly one; the Studebaker Lark. And checking the sales stats, yes, the ’61 American convertible outsold the ’61 Lark convertible 12,918 to 5,243. A resounding win! Of course, in 1962, there were several new entrants into this class, including the Corvair. Guess who wore the title in 1962?