Cohort Outtake: Studebaker Avanti With Supercharged R3 Engine. Really? One of Nine?

Tim Finn posted a couple of shots of a Studebaker Avanti at a car show. And in this case, it’s got a supercharged R3 engine under its fiberglass hood. A supercharged R3 engine?

Here’s the engine, which I assumed initially was the not-uncommon R2, which added a Paxton supercharger to the four-barrel 289 for some 285-290 hp.But then I took a closer look at that carb enclosure:

It says “R3” on it. But then that’s clearly a removable plate, and the odds of this being a genuine original R3 are very low. The R3 had a specially bored-out block with 304.5 cubic inches, and some 335 hp. But supposedly, only nine were ever sold. And how many are out there now?


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