Cohort Outtake: The Quintessential Hot Rod Nova

F Abbott has captured the quintessential Nova. These were once everywhere, making their noisy presence known from their foreshortened dual exhausts exiting from all parts of the body behind the mid line (usually). This one is sporting a particularly flamboyant upswept exhaust, which is making the mandatory gray primer go black just above its outlet . And of course it’s shod with the obligatory Rally wheels. I will admit that the four spot lights are a bit out of the ordinary; I’m not quite  sure what to make of them.

These are the cars that finally replaced the tri-five (’55-’57) Chevys as the cheap hot wheels of a generation or two. As those became increasingly rare and expensive, the ’68-up Nova coupe was just getting to the right age to make the perfect replacement. Common as dirt, and performance upgrades to the SBC were dirt cheap. The only thing to possibly challenge them were the Duster/Demon, but it was always going to be easier to find suitable engines and such for a Chevy. SBCs were a dime a dozen.

I have mixed feelings about these not making their presence felt anymore; the world is certainly a quieter one as a consequence. But a bit duller too, even without that dull primer.