Cohort Outtake: The Very Wide (and Rare) Chevy Superior Camper Van – Superior In Width If Not In Looks

CC Cohort Owen Smith has found a unicorn, a very wide one at that. In the early 70s, Superior sold these widened Chevy vans, which kept the dash and steering wheel in their original position, primarily for ambulance and shuttle-bus use. I’ve never seen the camper version, and neither has Google.  So feast your eyes on one of the best finds ever here at CC, even if it’s not exactly the most attractive.

Here’s the back end. The plugs in the middle of the doors and bumper are quite apparent here. This must be quite roomy inside, to say the least.

Here’s how it was most often seen, as an ambulance.

I did find this wide Dodge van back a few years ago, and posted it here. Note how the wheels on this one are also extended out to the sides.

Superior also offered a Dodge wide-body (jumbo fuselage?), but that one I shot above is not a Superior, as its crude windshield is made up of two cut-down windshields, unlike the custom-made one in the Superior. The stretch was 16″, apparently.

Here’s a Superior brochure shot. The 61″refers to its interior height.