Cohort Outtake: Too Much Eyeliner?

William Rubano never fails to deliver something good to the Cohort.  While struggling with what to say about a different Buick, I found a set of Buicks that neatly show the extremes in which one could acquire a new Regal back around 1985 to 1987.

This first one is the high-performance Grand National.  There was sizzle to go with this steak, as it packed a turbocharged 3.8 liter V6.

Yet all Grand Nationals started off as a Buick like this more pedestrian Regal.  These are the same car with executions that were worlds apart.  Well, perhaps both shared engine displacement of 3.8 liters and a brand name.

So which wears its look better?  And has the same car ever offered as vastly a different presentation as these two?  This could be the softball question of the month but let’s hear what you think.