CC Capsule: 2011 Toyota Crown (S200) Patrol Car – You’re Nicked!

Well, that’s it, I’m done for. It’s a fair cop. Turns out smuggling narcotics, manufacturing fake ¥3000 notes and leaving sushi restaurants without paying the check are all illegal in this country. Who knew? I’ll come straight with you, officer. Lead the way. Oh, we’re going by car? Goodie! Let me just take a couple photos, if I could.

No, it’s just that I write these posts about cars for a website. I’m sure they would be curious about Japanese police cars. What kind of car is it? Crown, eh? Nice one! Fit for a king, that. What kind of engine you got in that thing? The 2.5 litre V6? Well, that’s very modest of you…

I mean, why not go for a bigger engine, like they do in the US. Oh, this is a patrol car, not a highway cruiser, I see. Well at least it’s not one of those kei vans. This is the S200, right? The 13th generation, wow. And it’s a facelift model, so made between early 2010 and late 2012. What, I can’t take a photo of the back? No matter, I’ll just find one on the web. Take cover when the bamboo shoots!

Love the interior of this Crown, officer. I must say, you guys and gals know how to turn a luxury saloon into a padded cell with style. That vinyl seat material is reminiscent of what can be found in certain taxis, if I’m not mistaken. Hard-wearing stuff. Move out of the way? But why?

What, I can’t pretend to be a hardened criminal any longer? Oh, this lady wants to take a picture of her toddler in the driver’s seat. Isn’t that special. Ok, fine, I’ll get out. Nice to see that you allow people to photograph your cruisers and even sit inside – without handcuffs – when there’s a weekend market on.

Pity, I was about to offer you a bribe for a quick test drive, preferably with the siren on. How would ¥3000 sound? No? How about ¥6000, then? Just joking, of course. I’ll get my coat and, as some of your foreign colleagues rightly say, please disperse. Nothing to see here.