Cohort Outtake: Toyota Deliboy Van – Deliciously Rare

Simon White shot and posted a van at the Cohort that I was not familiar with, a Toyota Deliboy. These are a bit obscure, and there’s no English Wikipedia page on it, but there is a German one. Built between 1989 and 1995, it appears to have been something of a rare flop for Toyota, hence its relative rarity.

Simon White didn’t say where he found it, but I’m thinking maybe not in Japan, since it’s parked on the right side of the street. But I could be wrong. it certainly started out in Japan, given the signage.

The Deliboy badge is visible on the grille, in case you didn’t believe me. This van shared some mechanical components with the much more common Liteace KM30, but was of course designed specifically for delivery, with its sliding front door and tall roof. But apparently that door was a bit narrow, and made it difficult to get in and out. The driver’s seating position was also considered to be flawed. And it was a bit under-motorized with either a 70hp 1500cc gas four or 73hp 2000cc diesel four. In its last years a 90hp 2.2L turbo-diesel as well as automatic transmission was available too. But apparently low sales led to its fairly early demise.

To get a better idea of how this van looks close-up and from the rear, here’s a shot from that German Wikipedia page. It was helpful too, because the text said this was a FWD van, which seemed odd given it’s based on the RWD Hiace. The rear differential pumpkin visible in this shot confirms that. It pays to be suspicious.