Cohort Outtake: Toyota HiAce 4×4 Crew Cab Pickup – I Could Replace Both My xB and F100 With This

I sometimes wonder if my automotive life would be a bit simpler if I could find one vehicle that could replace my two main drivers; the 2005 xB and the ’66 F-100. They both fill specific needs, and quite different ones, but I have toyed with the idea of a single replacement. And pondered what that would look like. Seeing this HiAce crew cab posted at the Cohort by runningonfumes makes me think that this could theoretically be a solution, if I were to really go down that route. Of course, there would be some compromises.

I run a lot of errands around town, for my rentals and other reasons. And I hate big vehicles for that, as I love to nip into the smallest parking spots. And a number of my rentals are on narrow alleys, and have tiny lots. The xB is perfect for that. I don’t have the exact numbers, but I doubt this truck is all that much longer.

I also haul passengers too, and the xB’s huge back seat is perfect for that. No doubt, the back seat in the HiAce is equally spacious, if not more.  And I haul stuff with my F-100. Obviously, the hauling space here is a bit smaller, but for hauling appliances and stuff, it’s quite adequate. A little trailer would expand its hauling capacity. And a lumber rack would take care of…lumber and pipes.

With four wheel drive, I could get down the gnarliest forest roads or to the ski slopes. And the idea of Toyota ruggedness and reliability appeals, naturally.

Of course there would be a few compromises. They’re so obvious, they hardly need mentioning. How does one morph an xB and an old F-100 and come up with something that doesn’t involve serious compromises? Well, that is rather the whole point of having two vehicles, especially such disparate ones. But if I had to be forced into one, this is a pretty good mashup of the two. Call it the F-xB, or xB-100.