Cohort Outtake: VW Quantum Syncro With Airstream Trailer

VW Quantum and Airstream s

How could I pass up this highly unlikely rig, posted at the Cohort by staxman, and shot in Seattle. Not only has the Quantum become increasingly true to its definition by becoming so rare, but to see it hooked up to an Airstream is just highly unusual.  Well, it is a “Bambi” Airstream, but still. For our non-American firends, this is obviously a VW Passat MkII, curiously named “Quantum” in these parts, to keep the Rabbit company. But then VW has always had a rather odd relationship to America.

VW Quantum and Airstream fq

And what about the Quantum’s ability to tow? Not quite as bad as it might seem, actually. The gas engine version had the 2.2 L five cylinder, with somewhere between 100-115 hp, depending on the exact year. And traction would certainly not be a problem, with the Audi’s AWD system. These Passats were largely Audi 80’s under the skin, with their long noses and longitudinal engines sticking out front. The 1.6 L turbo-diesel four was also available, with 68 hp, although I’m not sure that was available as a Syncro in the US. Perry Shoar did an excellent write-up of these cars here.

VW Quantum and Airstream rq

The first “Bambi” Airstream was a 16 footer that came out in 1961. The Bambi name came to be applied to all of the single axle Airstreams. This one looks like it might well be from the late 60s or early 70s, and is possibly an 18 footer. But I could well be wrong. The only question left is whether this combination is still roadworthy. The Airstream, no doubt. The Quantum? Maybe.