Cohort Outtake: Willys Jeep Pickup – When Jeep Pickups Were Work Trucks, Not Lifestyle Vehicles

shot near Mt. Hood by Teddy

As you most likely know, it’s official now: Jeep will build a pickup version of their next gen Wrangler, to be called the Scrambler. We looked at the original Scrambler here the other day; frankly, it was a bit of a dud. But the original Jeep pickup wasn’t. Maybe the new one should be called the “Willys”?

Frankly, the previous Scrambler wasn’t really much of a pickup. But then that might apply to the new Scrambler too. No one can say that about this work horse,

The license plate says 1956, which may or may not be the original, but I’m guessing it is. The 1953-up 475 model had the three horizontal bars on the grille that this one does.

The old barrel in its bed is showing about the same amount of patina as the Jeep is.

It’s a 4WD model, obviously. Under the hood could either be the Hurricane F-head 134 four, or the Super Hurricane 226 inch flathead six, built by Continental.


It apparently gets towed. In its day, these were not uncommonly used as tow trucks.

Back then, these were strictly work truck; the concept of life-style truck hadn’t yet been invented yet. But that’s what has propelled the Jeep name to one of the most recognizable and marketable brand in the world. No wonder there’s talk about the Chinese wanting to buy Jeep. And about Chrysler talking about how Jeep’s best days as the #1 global SUV brand are still ahead of it.