Cohort Outtake/QOTD: Mustang and Z-Car – Two Of The Most Influential Sporty Cars Meet; Which One Had The Greater Influence?

Mustang and Z car

CC Cohort nifticus posted this shot of two of the most influential sporty cars of the post-war era. The Mustang brought affordable sporty style to the masses, and the Z-car brought genuine sports car performance, an OHC six, independent suspension and a whole new look, also at an affordable price. Which one had the bigger and more lasting influence?

Mustang 2015 -23

Although the Mustang’s influence in creating the whole pony car segment can not be understated, there’s also no question that today’s Mustang is actually a lot more like the gen1 Z than the gen1 Mustang. OHC six cylinder engines, independent suspension all-round, and genuine sports car performance. And although it’s subjective, the looks of the current Mustang actually owes more to the Z car than the original Mustang. What thinks you?