Cohort Outtake/QOTD: The Well-Stocked ’68 Dart Trunk – What Do You Carry In The Trunk Of Your Old Car?

The owner of this ’68 Dodge Dart—shot and posted at the Cohort by William Oliver—travels well prepared. Plenty of gas cans, anti freeze, and all kinds of other vital bodily fluids in the Sealtest milk crate. Most likely there’s some tools on the side we can’t see. Ready for any leak or other contingency. There’s probably a fan belt in there somewhere too. If he was really serious, he’d have a water pump along for the ride. Update: and of course a ballast resistor.

So what do you carry with you in your vintage car for emergencies?

In my ’66 F-100, I only have a really good set of jumper cables. And I use them not infrequently – giving other people jump starts. I did so just two days ago, when a woman down the alley couldn’t get her Isuzu Rodeo to start. It just clicked, but she told me the starter was bad, and she was just on the way to get it installed. It had been intermittent. I thought maybe her diagnosis was wrong. But it was to no avail; I guess a bad starter can just click too.

In my ’77 Dodge Chinook, I used to carry a fair amount of stuff, including all of the fluids, a fan belt, fuses, light bulbs, and a few other odds and ends. And I brought a decent assortment of tools along, which came in real handy a few times. Like our very first trip, from Eugene to Baja, Mexico, when I had to replace the fan clutch in front of my sister in-law’s house in Sam Mateo. She loved me repairing it on front of her house…so embarrassing.