Cohort Outtakes: 1990 Dodge Spirit – A Historical Vehicle?

Spirit1NickyD(Dodge Spirit photos by Nicky D.)

Correction: I originally thought the MA historical vehicle requirements were 20 years. They are actually 25 years. 

I have no idea how the criteria for “historic” or “antique” cars varies from state to state, but at least in my home state of Massachusetts, the minimum age for a vehicle to be registered with special “Antique” plates is 25 years.


Now in many ways 25 years is an appropriate interval, particularly in the northeast where it sometimes seems like a 25+ year old car that wasn’t somewhat collectible to begin with or isn’t a Camry is rare sight, especially in well-preserved condition. Yet on the other hand, it’s rather astonishing to think that something such as a 1992 Toyota Camry will soon be considered an antique in the eyes of the state.


Predictably, the majority of owners who do apply for such extra-cost vanity plates, own something that has a collector status such as a ’70s-era muscle car, an ’80s Mercedes, or one of the final “big” Cadillacs. Which makes it all the more unusual that the owner of this 1990 Dodge Spirit has taken the time to fill out the paperwork, wait at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and pay whatever the extra fee is for Ohio “historical vehicle” plates.


Judging by the car’s well-cared for condition, it’s presumptive to say that the owner ordered these plates as a display of affection for his or her very likely originally-owned Dodge, and not as a joke. So while a 1990 Dodge Spirit may not be everyone’s definition of a historical vehicle, it’s probably played a significant enough role in its owner’s life over the years, making it indeed historical in the personal sense. And that’s good enough credentials for me.

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