Dumpside Outtake: The Big Three All Represented

CC 292 002 1200

I originally bought my ’66 F-100 in 1987 (for $500) specifically for the purpose of hauling cuttings from the trees and shrubs of our one acre property in Los Gatos to the dump. It’s hauled a whole lot more since then, but dump runs are still one of its main purposes in life.And other old pickups are almost inevitably to be found there doing the same thing. And there’s even a representative from Japan in the distance.

CC 292 003 1200

Actually, it’s the Lane County Transfer Station, where trash is then hauled off to the distant landfill in large trucks. And by the time I took a second shot, the Japanese truck was replaced by another one, which looks to be a Mazda B-Series. Heave ho!