Cohort Outtakes: Teddy’s Curbsidelandia Two-fers


CC reader Teddy lives in Portland, and has become one of our most prolific Cohort posters. Well, if you live in Curbsidelandia, CCs are everywhere. Including a second one photobombing your shots. Like this Chevy LUV coming down the street while Teddy was shooting this old Rambler. And I found a second CC in most of the cars he posted.


What’s that little red car looking over the shoulder of this ’63 Buick LeSabre?


It could only be a Datsun 510, a wagon in this case.


There’s a Volvo 240 lurking two cars behind this W123 Benz.


And here’s another one just ahead of this high-roof VW T2.


And a gen1 Acura Integra is sitting on the hood of this fine Dart. Yes, this how it is in Curbsedelandia.