Cohort Outtakes: The Curbside Classics of Sarti and Sykia, Greece

One of our most prolific Cohort posters, Roshake77, apparently visited Greece recently, and has uploaded some fine finds from Sarti and Sykia. There’s a surprising number of these old Datsun Sunny pickups; I didn’t know they were so popular in places like Greece so early on.

I’m talking about these little unibody (in more ways than one) Sunny trucks; which we never got in the US.

The only American car was this elderly F-Series at an airport.


Mitsubishi L200 pickup with rather different bed than I’ve seen before.


VW Westfalia Joker and Passat.

Mitsubishi L300.

A Yugo and another Datsun Sunny truck

A later Datsun pickup, again with an unusual bed. I’m guessing these beds were made locally or regionally?

An old Mazda pickup being swallowed alive.

Mitsubishi L200 pickup.

And another one. Pickups are obviously very popular in rural Greece. Makes sense.

A Mercedes w123 wagon also being overtaken by the vegetation.

A W124.

Mazda 323F, a variant we did not get in the US.

Renault Traffic van.

Fiat Panda and Citroen C2.

Opel Vectra and Nissan pickup.

Toyota iQ and Daihatsu Terios.

Fiat Panda and an inviting cove.

Mercedes MB100. This FWD van is a descendant of the DKW Schnelllaster. Full story here.

And another Sunny pickup. Homemade tsipouro is sold here.

Suzuki WagonR.

Lada Niva.

Toyota Pickup and Peugeot 4007.

A 4×4 Toyota HiLux.

And yet another Sunny pickup. Can anyone explain? Were these sold new here, or? They’re not from japan, as they’re LHD.

Mercedes W201.

And an Audi 80 (4000 in the US).