Cohort Peugeot Fest Outtake: Peugeot 302 “Pickup” – Colorful

Peugeot 302 pickup side

Peugeot Fest is supposed to be chronological, but I just took a magical tour through the Cohort, which is chock full great finds that I need to get posted. I just couldn’t resist this 302 sedan that was converted to truck duty sometime ago in its long life. And now it sits on the streets, apparently as a billboard, for an automobile museum, no less. How better to get folks’ attention than a 302 truck painted pink and green?

Peugeot 302 pickup fq

The 302’s svelte nose is still intact, even if its graceful flowing fastback isn’t. Roger Carr wrote one up here recently, so if you’ve forgotten, head here.

Peugeot 302 pickup rq

TheProfessor47 shot it, in Aigues-Mortes, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. I’d rather like to go there to see it myslef and the museum. Next CC Meet-Up?

And if anyone has shots of a Peugeot 104, it’s time here is getting to be overdue.