Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1939 Dodge Model TC Pickup – Heading To Corvette Days

This will likely be the last shots I use from Tim Finn’s upload to the Cohort from the “Corvette Days” car show in Portland. It’s about as polarly opposite of a Corvette as possible. And if I’m reading the details of the grille right, this is a 1939 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup, as compared to the ’40-’47 models, which generally all looked very similar.

Too bad Tim didn’t get a shot of the engine compartment. Given that this is Portland and from the looks of the truck and its driver, I feel safe in saying that a venerable flathead six is hiding in there. If it’s the original engine, it had all of 201 cubic inches, down from 218 in 1938. Why? We’ll probably never know.

It may well have had a later version of that august family of Mopar sixes swapped in at some time in its long life, but we’ll apparently never know that either. Mysteries to live with. And I could sure live with this truck.